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Is it possible to add more fields to \toaddress ?

The scrguien.pdf says that it's possible to define and add new fields to the reference block, e.g.

\setkomavar{newfield}[desc]{ construction}

Is it or would it be possible to do something simlilar with the Addressee block. Currently this block consists of:

backaddress (return address)

In US commercial correspondence, it is common to add a barcode, which encodes the US postal zipcode, on either the envelope or the Addressee block visible through the envelope window. This barcode either precedes the Addressee (\toname + \toaddress) or follows it.

I would like to use UScommerical9.lco with mlabel.lco and use the envlab \PrintBarCode macro, ie.


I can of course hijack the specialmail field:


and (perhaps) swap the value of specialmailindent with specialmailrightindent

but, scrlttr2 still draws a line under the specialmail field
and it also sets the field rightflush (which looks wierd)

I just want the ability to print a barcode, either before or after the Addressee block. If I can remove the underline and rightflush formatting, the specialmail field would do.

Or perhaps some new commands like these are needed:

Bild von Markus Kohm

Perhaps you may use one of the new features addrfield=PP, addrfield=backgroundimage, or addrfield=image, maybe with the corresponding option priority=false and the corresponding new variables fromzipcode, zipcodeseparator, PPcode, PPdatamatrix, or addresseeimage and the corresponding pseudo-lengths toaddrindent, PPheadwidth, PPheadheight, and PPdatamatrixvskip. See the current version of scrguide for information about.

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